The Lamar Apartment Reviews

The Lamar in Downtown Macon is more than just another apartment complex -- Our residents pride themselves in creating a tight-knit community. Whether it's an event, grilling burgers on the back patio, or grab a drink at a neighboring pub, The Lamar is all about creating the best Macon experience with the best Macon neighbors. 

Macon GA apartment life made easy.

Find out what makes The Lamar unique directly from people who have lived and experienced life in Downtown Macon...our residents! Below are testimonials from a handful of our current residents ::

I live in a one bedroom at The Lamar and absolutely love it! The location is prime and the building itself is gorgeous and unique. I love the private courtyard and my neighbors are really great. Having new, high quality appliances and high ceilings makes the apartment feel like you are getting more than what you pay for.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
— Nina I.
I love The Lamar! I have lived here for 9 months and they have been attentive to all my needs. The property manager, Nina, is on point. She will take the time out of her day to deal with the smallest issues, even off the clock. The Lamar builds a great community, especially for transients. If you are going to live in downtown Macon, The Lamar is the place to be!!

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
— Gavin P.
The Lamar Lofts of Macon was one of the most beautiful and enjoyable apartments I have had the opportunity to live in! I had a furnished one bed room unit during my stay there. With the hard wood floors, brand new appliances, high ceilings, and a private courtyard with awesome neighbors, what is there not to love? I think the price was definitely justified in terms of location and aesthetics. You are literally seconds away from fabulous restaurants and night life. Of note, if you have any concerns about security, Lamar Lofts is one of the few places that you need card access to get into (people can’t just walk in and out:). Worth it!

The property manager was also extremely accommodating and professional; hard to come by.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
— Victoria G.
There is no other place in downtown that has the community the Lamar has. I looked around and chose the Lamar because of the history, nice appliances, and private courtyard, but the community is what I love the most. I didn’t know anybody in this town and now I have a bunch of friends because of the tenants at the Lamar. The property manager is amazing, as well. She is really someone that gets us together and enjoy the most of Macon.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
— Robert O.