Happy Birthday Little Richard

20 Essential Songs from Macon's Very Own

Born Richard Penniman in Macon, Georgia in 1932, Little Richard was a pioneer in the Rock and R&B music scenes. Some of the greatest musicians of all time -- Bob Dylan, Sam Cook, James Brown, Otis Redding, just to name a few -- have praised Little Richard as being a major influence in their own musical genres and careers: 

"The Beatles learned their ecstatic falsetto shouts from him; James Brown said he was "the first to put the funk in rhythm." In his yearbook, Bob Dylan listed that his ambition was "to join Little Richard," and nine-year-old David Bowie bought a saxophone hoping to do that as well. Bowie's glam period, the prancing and strutting of Mick Jagger, the psychosexual convolutions of Prince – all are hard to imagine without Richard's androgynous flamboyance leading the way."

Happy Birthday, Little Richard. Check out these Top 20 groundbreaking "Essential" tracks to celebrate Macon GA's very own legend --> Click here to see Rolling Stone's "20 Essential Songs" by Little Richard.